XimantiX & VISICON @ E-Rechnungs-Gipfel 2020

E-Rechnungs-Gipfel – The annual meeting of administration and business on eInvoice

This year is a special one. Now probably everyone thinks of CORONA. Yes, especially for live events it certainly plays an important role. Therefore the organiser reserved the whole hotel for the event. So security is definitely a top priority.

But this year is also a key year in the field of eInvoice to the public sector. On April 18th was the deadline for the implementation of the EU requirements for the federal states and municipalities. We report on the different channels (XING, LinkedIn, ximantix.de, XimantiX Newsletter, in the press) about the current status of eInvoice to the public sector.

Are you facing the challenge of how to make your invoice receipt and document dispatch fit for the coming requirements of the german public sector in 2020, including the XRechnung? Talk to us! We will show you how we work together to ensure that you achieve 100% digitisation in document dispatch or invoice receipt, and that for all formats in one single solution.

We as exhibitors, together with our SAP partner VISICON, would be pleased to share with you the most informative conference with DDII SSTTAANNC E.


Hotel Hilton
Georg-Glock-Straße 20
40474 Düsseldorf
Information about the venue


Monday, 21st September 2020 to Dienstag, 22nd September 2020


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The E-Rechnungs-Gipfel is the information and discussion event for all stakeholders from business, public administration and service providers to promote the smooth introduction of eInvoice. With over 250 participants, the E-Rechnungs-Gipfel, now in its sixth year, is making a valuable contribution to the rapid and broad-based introduction of eInvoice as an important component of any digitisation strategy. For companies, it is an ideal opportunity to exchange information with specialists in public administration, where the eInvoice must be able to be received. In addition, the obligation to send eInvoices is being implemented promptly in the federal government and other federal states in Germany. This professional exchange enables the realisation of the highest possible “digital dividend” in the ordering, billing and payment process.

Further information on the agenda can be found on the website of the organiser: AGENDA