Practical insight: Send payslip and more directly from SAP into the employee portal! (Language German)

Sending payslips more and more digital(ly) to your employees

LIVE-Webinar: 21. October 2020, 10:30h to 11:30h (Language German)

Do you work with SAP HCM and are you currently facing the challenge of digitising the dispatch of pay slips and other HR documents as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible? Then it is best to rely on a proven solution that paves the way to digitisation according to your needs! How does that work?

In this practice-oriented live webinar, we will show you how to securely provide your employees with the personal HR documents that are worthy of protection for each individual – and 100% digital!

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Two perfect duos to digitise your HR document exchange: printed by mail ⚭ electronic & VISICON ⚭ XimantiX

Together with our long-standing SAP partner VISICON we will give you an insight into our extended “eBeleg Service – HR for SAP”. We have enhanced our multi-channel approach especially for you:

This means that your employees can now choose between several options: Either classically printed and delivered by post – or the digitalservice that your heart beats for:
  • securely encrypted by eMail or
  • conveniently via the fully integrated employee portal (NEW)!

Find out in this unique live webinar how you can specifically benefit from the well-established partnership between “VISICON & XimantiX” directly from SAP HCM when digitising your outgoing HR documents

Exclusive insight into the new HR portal

We will show you the new HR portal based on the renowned Nextcloud solution in theory and practice:

  • The easy onboarding of your employees
  • The portal from an employers perspective
  • The portal from an employee perspective
  • The path of implementation using SAP as an example
  • Monitoring the dispatch directly in SAP