Tax-compliant Archiving


When exchanging electronic documentssuch as invoices and other receipts, it is also necessary to ensure tax-compliant archiving (in Germany GoBD-compliant) in digital form. The requirements of the tax laws (GoBD) also apply here. Some of the companies already have an established solution. But others, especially small and mid-size companies (KMUs) that either recently accept invoices electronically or have not yet thought about the subject, are looking for a solution to tax-compliant / GoBD compliant archiving of their documents.

Together with our partner d.velop we offer our customers the right cloud solution for tax-compliant / GoBD compliant archiving of documents.

d.velop cloud & XimantiX eBeleg Services – an integrated solution

For our customers we rely on the integration of XimantiX services with d.velop cloud – archiving electronic invoices becomes child’s play. In this way, you benefit from a consistent solution and optimised processes. Depending on your requirements, different digital records are available in the DMS cloud. You decide which ones are relevant for you. Invoices and all other electronic or digitised documents can be archived in a legally compliant manner.

The benefits of a strong partnership for you:

Double expertise

Combine XimantiX’s expertise in processing electronic invoices and receipts with the cloud solution of an established Enterprise Content Management (ECM) provider with more than 25 years of experience to archive your electronic invoices

Cloud Solution – standardised and highly scalable

Concentrate on your core competence. The basis for tax-compliant (for Germany GoBD-compliant) and thus audit-proof & legally compliant archiving is directly available to you.

Cost-Effective Solution

Thanks to a 100% standardized cloud, you can start small, e.g. with the supplier records for invoice reception and add further functional areas such as customer records, personnel records, etc. as required.

Secure Cloud

  • Your documents are archived in certified data centers in Germany.
  • Secure against data loss through standardized processes in the data center

Certified solution

d.velop cloud is IDW PS 880 certified and offers documentation that you can use as a basis for describing d.velop cloud when creating your procedural documentation.

Modern and 100% Cloud SaaS

  • HTML5 based interface – modern and future-oriented: so you can also access your documents from mobile devices.
  • Software as a Service is the highest level available in a cloud solution. After you have received your first access via XimantiX, you can flexibly set up new users and add additional record types yourself. When extending to new record types, the extended service is available 30 days free of charge for test purposes. A billing for a new service only begins then. The billing of d.velop cloud is done for you by XimantiX.


  • directly integrated into the services of the XimantiX – eBeleg Service
  • d.velop cloud: an intuitive solution with which you can archive electronic invoices and all other electronic or digitised documents in your company. You receive a single solution to archive all documents in your company in a legally compliant and audit-proof manner. Start small and grow step by step as needed.

d.velop cloud – test now and archive electronic invoices

  • You get the first access for a digital record of your choice, e.g. supplier records, directly through XimantiX. During the first 30 days this access is available free of charge. You will then receive a monthly invoice from XimantiX. This also applies to other document records.

Are you already archiving securely in accordance with tax laws (and in Germany GoBD)?

In the context of the digitalisation in the accounting, the question arises how the tax-complient (in Germany GoBD-compliant) archiving can be guaranteed. As a specialized provider in the field of electronic invoices and electronic receipts for incoming invoices and for sending invoices and receipts, we have searched for the right solution for our interested parties and customers.

We offer our customers and prospects a direct connection from the XimantiX eBeleg Service to the d.velop cloud, the DMS cloud solution of our partner d.velop.

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