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With our services, we form the bridge to your customers, suppliers and employees.

As a service provider, XimantiX offers corporate customers the solution for dispatching accounting documents, receiving invoices and sending payslips – safely and efficiently. With its solution, XimantiX specializes in supporting corporate customers as a service provider in the safe, efficient and particularly cost-effective operation of invoice receipt and receipt satison with direct connection to the ERP system.

Automated invoice receipt

With the eInvoice Service – Inbound called ‘eBeleg Service – Eingang’ you can automate the invoice receipt – from paper to e-mail – and without the extensive onboarding of the suppliers. Your automated invoice receipt receives the invoices and delivers the data to the invoice receipt book of your ERP system, depending on the project also with integrated workflow for invoice release and GoBD-compliant archiving. The XimantiX eInvoice Service – Inbound called ‘eBeleg Service – Eingang’ is based on the smart INVOICE component of our partner Insiders Technologies.

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Optimised invoice dispatch

The eInvoice Service – Outbound called ‘eBeleg Service – Ausgang’ supports you in sending documents, such as invoices, reminders, credit memos, orders and more. The service offers various shipping formats. In addition, the service is flexible and can be customized according to project requirements. By supporting ZUGFeRD invoices, it is possible for companies of all sizes to implement a data-based process optimised from supplier to customer. For electronic shipping, the right solution – depending on the desired level of security – is available. In parallel, you can easily, securely and cost-effectively print invoices with the document printing option, from a single solution.

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Secure delivery of payslips

The ePayslip Service called ‘eBeleg Service – HR’ provides an optimised solution for sending payroll documents directly from the HR system. You gain the benefits of digital processing and your employees freely choose between delivery in electronic form, confidential and encrypted, and shipping printed by post.

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