Save on incoming invoices? Find out what really matters! Missed LIVE – WEBINAR on 23rd October – ASK FOR RECORDING NOW

The most important factors explained transparently and conclusively by an independent expert!
Your speakers:
Oliver Berndt, Managing Director of B & L Management Consulting GmbH
and Reinhard Wild, Managing Director of XimantiX Software GmbH

LIVE WEBINAR part of the E-INVOICING series of Management Circle

Are you unsure whether you should digitize your invoice reception process? In this webinar you will learn, independent of the provider, what savings potential actually lies ahead of you, what you should consider when choosing the right service provider and what really matters.


You missed the LIVE Webinar on October 23rd, but the topic is of burning interest to you? Then ask for the direct link to the recording of the live session of the 23rd October “Save on incoming invoices? Find out what really matters!”.

Decision factor #1: How much does your invoice processing cost so far?

As part of the invoice reception processing, there are countless steps until an actual posting can be made in the ERP system. Depending on how this is done, additional errors during data transfer can cost a lot of time and money. You receive a vendor-independent explanation of the costs to be taken into account.

Decision factor #2: How much can be saved by digitization?

Would you like to make optimum use of your discount conditions granted by the supplier in future and avoid reminder fees? Is full transparency over the entire invoice reception process important to you? What could be saved in your company by digitizing the processing of incoming invoices? Get a supplier independent view on how fast you can count on a positive ‘ROI’?

Decision factor #3: What do you have to consider when implementing an automated invoice reception process?

Have you forgotten important topics during the changeover? Do you need expert assistance to digitize your invoice reception process?

Decision factor #4: How do you identify the most suitable service provider?

Do you already know the selection criterias to find the best suiting service provider? How do you compare the providers you want to take a closer look at? What support is available?

Bonus: What is XimantiX’ contribution for you?

You get an insight into the sophisticated solution of XimantiX with existing integration for SAP and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. (Webinar language: German)