Deliver confidential documents securely encrypted via IncaMail

A connection to the Swiss Post IncaMail processed through our eInvoice Service – Outbound (‘eBeleg Service – Ausgang’), available directly from your ERP system, for sending confidential documents.

With IncaMail, Swiss Post and XimantiX provide precisely the security you and your customers need for sensitive documents.

Delivery takes place as IncaMail to any email address. The confidential documents sent are enclosed as attachments and can only be decrypted and opened through IncaMail following prior authentication.

Certificate - Ready for IncaMail - XimantiX

What do you need to send by IncaMail?

As a sender, you need to register with IncaMail. Now you can add your company logo to your mail. This means that the recipient can immediately see who sent the mail.

The benefits to you

See at a glance the advantages of using secure dispatch via IncaMail.

Cost Savings

You can achieve significant cost savings by delivering confidential documents electronically and eliminating your printing and postage costs.

You can send not only sensitive documents, but also additional attachments.

Secure delivery by email

Email attachments sent with IncaMail are secure and can only be opened by the verified recipient with the help of a personal key thanks to SwissPost’s patented Safe Technology.

Recipient Acceptance

The encryption and patented Safe Technology from Swiss Post increase the level of trust in receiving confidential documents by email, as well as the level of acceptance.

In the event of queries regarding a receipt, the recipient can also use IncaMail to a certain extent for communication with the sender.

Ease of use

Confidential electronic documents are sent directly from the ERP system

The sender verifies the dispatch status and confirmation of pickup in the ERP system.

IncaMail is available to the recipient via the web browser or as an app.

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