Optimised invoice dispatch


Would you like to optimise your outgoing documents and send invoices, reminders, credit notes, orders and many other types of documents in the future not only more cost-effectively, but also reliably, quickly and securely in digital form?

Are you looking for a solution for sending an average of more than 1000 invoices and receipts per month, across all document types, formats and dispatch channels combined?

With the XimantiX “eBeleg Service – Ausgang”, our solution to dispatch accounting documents in an optimised way, you benefit from the full savings potential that you can achieve through electronic invoice and document dispatch. And this with the highest security in electronic document delivery and completely without horrendous initial investments in new IT components. With our ingenious receipt dispatch service, you can process the entire invoicing process electronically from your ERP system in no time at all and deliver it according to the recipient’s wishes.

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Nothing could be easier: send e-invoices directly from your ERP system

You already have a powerful ERP system and now want to take advantage of the benefits of electronic invoicing – but without having to invest considerable sums in new IT equipment and software? With the “eBeleg Services” of XimantiX this is no problem, since our ERP partners’ integrationsare already available for many of the common ERP systems such as SAP, MS Dynamics NAV(formerly NAVISION, now MS Dynamics 365), Sage and APLPHAPLAN. Depending on your individual requirements, these are either used out of the box or adapted specifically on a project basis.

Fast, safe and easily integrated: Invoice dispatch in (almost) all formats

Using the integrated solution in your ERP system is particularly easy and convenient. All you have to do: Determine the way (eInvoice, ZUGFeRD, XRechnung, EDI, postal delivery, etc.) each of your customers wants to receive their documents. Document dispatch then takes place as one-click processing.

By the way, by using the monitoring function of eBeleg Service – Outbound, you can also keep an eye on the current status of sent documents.

This is how multi-channel document dispatch with XimantiX works

Not all invoice and accounting document recipients want to switch to the cost-saving and future-proof digitised document dispatch at the same time as you? No worry. With the XimantiX “eBeleg Service – Ausgang” you stay absolutely flexible. So you can make optimal use of savings potential wherever it is appropriate. Because you have the choice: : via the “document printing” option, receipts can continue to be printed as paper invoices and sent by post. However, it is also possible to generate electronic invoices in different formats such as XRechnung, ZUGFeRD, openTRANS or EDIFACT and deliver them digitally. Even completely individual recipient formats are possible.

To make the workflow particularly simple, the desired output format for the respective recipient is stored in the customer master of your ERP system.

Electronic dispatch can also take place at different security levels. To send confidential documents, we use the lncaMail service of our partner Swiss Post Services. In this way, the receipts reach your recipient confidentially and securely encrypted. This is a highly secure procedure that has proven its worth in particular when sending information that is especially worthy of protection, such as payslips. It is also used, for example, in our ePayslip Service also known as “eBeleg Service – HR”. Alternatively, you can choose between e-mail dispatch with a dedicated certificate for the sender address or standard e-mail dispatch.
By the way: The actual printing of invoices and other accounting documents is carried out in compliance with the highest security standards at our partner Swiss Post Solutions GmbH with printing centre in Dettingen near Stuttgart.

Why optimise accounting document dispatch with XimantiX?

Digitised invoice dispatch opens up a whole range of potential savings which, with the appropriate solution approach, can also be realised by small and medium-sized companies within a very short period of time. Provided that you rely on an experienced service provider such as XimantiX. Because with the XimantiX “eBeleg-Service – Ausgang” the conversion is worthwhile even with medium invoice volumes of 2000 outgoing documents per month. You benefit not only from our many years of experience, but also from our special feeling for the wishes and needs of medium-sized businesses – and your customers.

With the XimantiX “eBeleg Service – Ausgang” you can now switch over as “carefully” as possible to digitise your invoice dispatch and benefit from a significant reduction in unit costs per outgoing invoice. It’s worth it!

Easy implementation:
Perfect for SAP and MS Dynamics!

Ensure fast implementation right into your ERP system. We can guarantee this especially for the common systems such as SAP, Navision or Sage with our pre-integrated solution.

But the same applies to all other ERP applications: our solution is so flexible that it can be integrated into almost any environment by means of standardised interfaces.

With or without paper:
True multi-channel shipping!

Documents can be printed as paper invoices using the document printing option and sent by post, or sent electronically in various formats such as XRechnung, ZUGFeRD, openTRANS, EDIFACT & Co. or as PDF with Qualified Electronic Signature (QES).

The output format for the respective recipient is stored in the customer master of the ERP system.

As much security as needed:
Up to highest security level!

Depending on the application type, you can choose between standard dispatch by e-mail, e-mail dispatch with a dedicated certificate for the sender address and encrypted dispatch by IncaMail.

IncaMail is used excessively by our customers to send sensitive documents such as payroll documents.

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    What our customers say

    about XimantiX and the “eBeleg Service – Ausgang”

    “XimantiX offered the best service for our needs. We already succeeded in saving 40% of our monthly invoice dispatch costs in the first few months …”

    Mrs Sehfert, Lead of project, Würth Elektronik … read the whole customer story

    “The XimantiX ‘eBeleg Service’ is a perfect solution for SAP Media to digitise invoice dispatch. The fast and professional implementation for our invoice dispatch from SAP IS-M/AM convinced us. Today, our users are pleased with the efficient processes, which reduce a considerable amount of work and costs.”

    “We informed our customers about the advantages of electronic invoice receipt, with the help of XimantiX. Shortly after the introduction of the new service, about 25% of our customers had already agreed to receive the invoices electronically.”

    “You notice no change at all! Today’s invoice dispatch processes are so smoothly and perfectly integrated!”

    Mr Waldemar Franz – Head of Address and Order Management – Vogel Communications Group … read the whole customer story

    “Thanks to the flexible solution ‘eBeleg Service – HR’ and top project management by XimantiX and VISICON, we now send all payslips efficiently from SAP to the employees or via print for distribution to our 47 locations.”

    Mr Heckenberger – Vice-head of Personnel Accounting – Stiftung Liebenau … read the whole customer story

    “The quick and easy implementation of the eBeleg Service and the constant availability of XimantiX during the project implementation period successfully led us to our goal. This allowed us to save on time and costs by introducing ‘eBeleg Service – Ausgang’.”

    Mrs Mannert – Project Management – UMSEMA Umwelt Service Mannert GmbH… read the whole customer story

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