Automated invoice receipt


Are you looking for a simple solution to make your invoice receipt – of more than 1,000 documents per month on average – not only clearer, more structured and more powerful, but also significantly more efficient and resource-saving?

Let the XimantiX “eBeleg Service – Eingang” simply get to know the invoices of your suppliers and thus automate the invoice receipt. Without any onboarding process or exorbitant implementation costs. Our intelligent cloud solution learns with each processed incoming invoice and relieves you step by step of more and more work in the incoming invoice process. This allows you to optimize your accounts payable processes, including workflow for approval and release, right into your ERP system.

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This is how the learning process for incoming invoices works

An initial configuration takes place with the help of sample documents from your suppliers. If the system has sufficient information to uniquely extract the required data, the invoices are “processed in the background” without manual intervention. Otherwise, the invoice is made available to you for checking on a console.

If one and the same correction is made several times, this knowledge flows back into the learning module and thus increases the proportion of processing without human interaction “shadow processing”.

Incoming invoice processing accepts scanned paper documents or electronic documents. An integrated OCR component is available for reading the data. Electronic documents with structured data, such as XRechnung, ZUGFeRD, EDIFACT, XML can be directly transformed into the desired target format. The data of all further invoices are extracted, checked by the system and, if necessary, by a clerk. The XimantiX solution “eBeleg Service – Eingang” on the basis of smart INVOICE creates the order reference and can thus check and extract the data of incoming invoices particularly efficiently.

Why automate invoice receipt with XimantiX?

Do you process at least an average volume of 1000 incoming invoices and other documents in your accounts payable every month? Then you as a medium-sized company, hidden champion or future-oriented family business should go for digitized processes for incoming invoices. Even if your suppliers still deliver paper receipts or wish to do so.

After all, with the XimantiX eInvoice service, the digitalisation of your accounting processes is only a few steps away. We support you with a powerful, proven and cost-saving eInvoicing cloud solution that leaves nothing to be desired!

Integrated verification of incoming invoices

Optionally, you can directly integrate the workflow for invoice verification.

The process flow for invoice verification is defined flexibly for your company.

Invoices are approved and released via a browser-based solution, either at invoice or item level.

Always have a current status of your incoming invoices

Always keep track of your incoming invoice processing:

What is the status? How many invoices were processed? How much time did you need on average per invoice?

Did invoices from a particular supplier take particularly long to process?

No complicated onboarding for suppliers

The integrated solution of XimantiX is based on the smart INVOICE system of Insiders Technologies and can “learn” the different layouts of your suppliers.

The invoice receipt process can be automated without onboarding your creditors. Right into your ERP system without any media disruptions.

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    What our customers say

    about XimantiX and the “eBeleg Service – Eingang”

    “Today, we rely on automated invoice receipt processing and are glad to see how very well it is received by our users. The XimantiX solution is perfectly matched to our processes and systems. The digitisation of the invoice receipt process incl. approval workflow with integration into our accounting system right up to GoBD-compliant archiving in the cloud is now legally secure and efficient.”

    Mr Koronna – Head of Finances – Druck- und Verlagshaus Fromm … read the whole customer story

    “Thanks to the flexible solution ‘eBeleg Service – HR’ and top project management by XimantiX and VISICON, we now send all payslips efficiently from SAP to the employees or via print for distribution to our 47 locations.”

    Mr Heckenberger – Vice-head of Personnel Accounting – Stiftung Liebenau … read the whole customer story

    “XimantiX offered the best service for our needs. We already succeeded in saving 40% of our monthly invoice dispatch costs in the first few months …”

    Mrs Sehfert, Lead of project, Würth Elektronik … read the whole customer story

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