E-Invoices to German authorities & Co. – no problem with Lexware!

E-invoicing specialist XimantiX ensures seamless
eInvoice dispatch from Lexware software

Munich, April 22nd 2020 – From now on, users of the popular invoicing and merchandise management software from Lexware no longer need to worry about whether and how they will send electronic invoices in future. The powerful interface to the “eBeleg Service – Ausgang” of the experienced Munich e-invoicing provider XimantiX and the simple, intuitive implementation in the Lexware programs make it possible.

For many years, Lexware has stood for powerful, easy-to-understand and practical software solutions with which even small and medium-sized businesses and tradesmen can implement their financial and business processes in accounting and merchandise management without much effort. However, with the new regulations on electronic invoicing for public administration in Germany (e.g. the E-Rechnungs-Verordnung of the Bund, E-Rech-VO for short) coming into force in the course of this year, many billers are facing major digital challenges. This is because invoices to public authorities and public sector companies in Germany will only be accepted in structured electronic form – at federal level at the end of 2020, and six months later for federal states and local authorities. Simple PDF invoices or even paper invoices are then no longer accepted.

“As a pioneer of digitisation in SMEs and handicrafts, it was therefore particularly important for us to offer our customers a solution that is as simple as possible and at the same time a secure one, so that they can meet the new legal requirements”, explains

Dunja Wolf, Produkt Owner Lexware faktura+auftrag and Lexware warenwirtschaft pro/premium.

Dunja Wolf - Projektmanager/Product Owner CSPO - Haufe Group

Lexware users receive a solution without initial costs, which directly delivers the structured data from the Lexware original data to the invoice document. This ensures that the data is one hundred percent consistent. Once registered for the ‘eRechnung’ and/or ‘Poststelle’, Lexware users can send invoices – soon also incl. attachments – at the touch of a button.

And indeed: Lexware customers appreciate the new function:

“I press a button in my Lexware program and that’s it. Further advantages of the new XRechnung are the paperless data exchange and the resulting positive contribution to environmental protection”, says

Candy Jentzsch, managing director of Raumdesign Jentzsch GmbH and customer of Lexware.

The interface provided by the Munich-based e-invoicing specialist XimantiX enables the seamless sending of invoices in several common e-invoice formats, such as eRechnung(signed), ZUGFeRD 2.0 (basic/comfort) and the new XRechnung, after a one-time prior registration. And not only to the public administration and authorities, but also to all public enterprises such as waste management companies, road maintenance authorities or transport companies.

“We are very pleased that, in close cooperation with the developers of Lexware, we were able to implement the new, legally required e-invoicing formats for invoice exchange at an early stage. This enables Lexware users to send invoices to public authorities at low cost even before the legal obligations for invoicing costs have been met,” says

Reinhard Wild, managing director of the Ximantix Software GmbH.

Reinhard Wild - Geschäftsführer - PR Foto

You can find out more about the time and cost-saving possibilities of sending electronic invoices in the prescribed format directly from the familiar Lexware software environment here: https://shop.lexware.de/erechnung