Dispatch of payslips according to the current GDPR. SECURE? DIGITAL? Missed LIVE – WEBINAR on 9th October – ASK FOR RECORDING NOW

The dispatch of payslips involves highly sensitive data. Personal data that needs special protection and not only since the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Are you faced with the task of optimizing and digitising the personnel accounting processes?

  • Do you know the GDPR requirements?
  • What does this have to do with dispatching payslips?
  • How can you be sure that you comply with them when sending the payslips to your employees?
  • Is an efficient digitised shipping possible at all?

A Webinar with independent data privacy and GDPR expert.

Your speakers:
Dr. Christoph Wallner, Lawyer at Peters, Schönberger & Partner and expert for the link between law and digitisation, in particular compliance questions including GDPR,
Reinhard Wild, Managing Director of XimantiX Software GmbH and
Rudolf Heber, Senior SAP Consultant of VISICON EDV-Integration GmbH.


You missed the LIVE Webinar on October 9th, but the topic is of burning interest to you? Then ask for the direct link to the recording of the live session of October 9th “Dispatch of payslips according to the current GDPR? Find out what really matters!”. SECURE? DIGITAL?”.

Expect the following topics in the webinar “Dispatch of payslips according to the current GDPR.”:

Explanation of relevant GDPR topics when sending payslip documents:

  • Increased requirements for handling confidential data
  • Measures in data processing and data transfer
  • Shipping aspects: electronic & printed by conventional mail
  • How could shipping directly from SAP be implemented according to the current GDPR?