Digitisation in accounting – Benefit from the savings potential now!

What savings potential does the digitisation of invoice dispatch and invoice reception offer your accounting department?

Accounting processes also need to be scrutinised as part of your digital transformation. If you already have an ERP system in place, the dispatch process for invoices, reminders, credit memos and other documents often means however that they are printed, sorted, stuffed, franked and then brought to the post office. You may already have a partial email delivery system in place for some customers. If you do, it still means that you have to keep track of who should receive their invoices in what form and by what means. This is often very time consuming and results in costs for machinery, maintenance, materials and personnel. Selected customers who automate their invoice reception may have additional requirements and ask for a hybrid format such as ZUGFeRD with electronic document and embedded data or XRechnung.

Then, hats off to you! You have lots to take into account and keep track of. If this is too much effort for you in the long run, perhaps you are looking for a solution, or rather a service, that will make your life easier.

The‘eBeleg Service – Ausgang’from XimantiX allows you to implement this solution quickly right up to your ERP system. The advantages are clear, because it offers you a solution that serves all recipients, both nationally and internationally, where you can initiate the dispatch of invoices, reminders and credit memos directly and monitor them in your ERP system. Transforming customers from paper-based invoice recipients to electronic invoice recipients can be carried out successively. In the framework of the project, therefore, you can inform your customers about the potential for changing to electronic invoices in an appropriate covering letter and configure the desired setting (format and dispatch method) directly in the ERP system itself.

Learn how our customers have successfully introduced electronic dispatch for invoices and other documents :

DBL relies on dispatching electronic invoices using XimantiX ‘eBeleg Service – Ausgang’

Avaya successfully implements the ‘eBeleg Service – Ausgang’ from XimantiX

To what extent is the incoming invoice process automatable? What does digital transformation or digitisation mean in terms of invoice reception?

How do things look in your company? Do you frequently receive paper-based invoices from your suppliers? When you receive electronic invoices, are they usually plain PDF documents? Do some of your suppliers send you hybrid invoices in OpenTrans or ZUGFeRD format? Now you are faced with the task of reconciling all these formats and invoice reception channels so that you can implement the most efficient business processes in your company. The objective should be to digitise the content, but without specifying fixed requirements as far as possible for the invoice format to the supplier, because frequently, this cannot be implemented in practice.

The ‘eBeleg Service – Eingang’from XimantiX uses the adaptive Smart INVOICE component from Insider Technologies, which covers data extraction, verification with/without reconciliation of your supplier data, and ordering information and also support for efficient correction. The ‘eBeleg Service – Eingang’ makes use of XimantiX expertise to handle hybrid invoice formats (ZUGFeRD/OpenTRANS) and data-based invoice formats (XRechnung). Optional components are available in the form of the Approval Workflow and direct integration into the DMS Cloud for tax-compliant archiving.

Conclusion: The‘eBeleg Service – Eingang’from XimantiX provides you with a single solution for automating invoice reception that covers all incoming invoice formats.

How far is digitisation in your accounting?

Everyone is talking about digitisation. How can the digitization of accounting processes be implemented? How can incoming invoices be automated? How can receipt dispatch be made as efficient as possible? What are the advantages for you and your company in optimising the exchange of documents?

Would you like to learn more about our solution, the “eBeleg Service – Eingang” and the “eBeleg Service – Ausgang”, in order to understand how invoice receipt can be automated and document dispatch optimised?

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