Print Document option for all HR documents

Process payroll documents digitally and send them by post

Do you focus on digital processes? How do you service employees who still want to receive paper-based documents? How much does printing, dispatch, adherence to the dual-control principle owing to sensitive contents, incl. setting up machines, material and tools cost? Are you looking for a reliable service provider who will take care of the printing and mailing for you?

Optimise your processes and benefit from direct integration into your HR system. Through our printing service provider, Swiss Post Solutions near Stuttgart, we can offer you document printing using the latest technology that even well known banks place their trust in.

Our “eBeleg Service – Ausgang“ simultaneously employs electronic mailing channels and printed dispatch by post using the Print Document option. With the Print Document option from our eBeleg Service, nothing can stand in the way of you digitising your processes any more, even in personnel accounting.

Simple, convenient and secure. Save on costs and time in personnel accounting.

  • Payroll document dispatch at the touch of a button
  • Direct HR system connection
  • Without the expense of hardware
  • Including printing, stuffing, franking and mailing
  • Dispatch option: factory printing for parcel dispatch to your company sites

How the printing process functions for HR accounts documents

If an employee wants to have his monthly pay slip and other documents printed as a paper document, you can set this in the master data in your HR system. You then prepare the documents as usual. Instead of printing it out on your printer, the document is transferred over the XimantiX eBeleg Service to our print service provider, Swiss Post Solutions, in Dettingen, near Stuttgart. Your document is then printed, stuffed in an envelope with security features, franked and transferred to Deutsche Post for mailing. The Factory Print option allows you to mail your documents to your respective company sites, branches or works in parcel form for internal distribution. You payroll accounting can also be sorted by department, for example, as well here. You also receive an electronic copy with all the mailing information. You get to track the status of all your mailings centrally in your HR system.

Additional benefits of document printing

  • Enclosures, such as social security documents, working hours summaries etc. can also be sent directly
  • Varying adaptation to size format DIN A4
  • Attractive pricing models available for processing and mailing
  • Consolidation of multiple documents for one recipient address
  • Printing per company site incl. sorting per department, for example

Document printing by Swiss Post Solutions

Swiss Post Solutions (SPS), Germany, is one of Europe’s largest providers of document output services. Operation of the state-of-the-art print centre with its closed loop printing process takes place in Dettingen, near Stuttgart. The highest certification standards (information security according to ISO 27001, PCI OSS) protect the contents of your sensitive document during production. Comprehensive data protection protects your customer data.

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