Provide HR documents via employee portal


The direct link between employees and personnel accounting

With this solution, confidential, personal documents are delivered directly to the HR portal. In return, employees can also transmit expense and time sheets to the HR department directly.

Employees and the responsible persons from human resources management each receive their own login data for the portal. This gives both parties the opportunity to transmit sensitive documents directly and securely. The direct connectivity from the HR system, e.g. from SAP HCM, is particularly advantageous for personnel accounting. This way, pay slips, social insurance certificates, annual tax certificates and more can be sent at the touch of a button. Depending on the dispatch route stored in the employee’s HR master data, this is automatically sent to the HR portal or printed out in the traditional way and sent by post.

With the HR portal based on Nextcloud, all HR documents reach your employees securely

The portal is technically based on the renowned Nextcloud solution as used by the German Federal Administration. As company, you have your own area in our cloud at your disposal. Here, too, security is a top priority. The solution is not only GDPR compliant and runs in an ISO 27001 certified data center. It can also be implemented in a very short time – thanks to standard interfaces and pre-integrated solutions for SAP and MS Dynamics.

From your employees’ point of view, the login is secured with a Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). In addition to username and password a code is required. Users receive it via a Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) app. Upon initial registration, the cell phone and HR portal are linked together for the user.

Convenient: One portal solution for all employees

In parallel, you can also use the HR receipt printout – an option of the “eBeleg Service” – to reach those employees who would still like to receive the payslips/salary notices in paper form. A simple configuration in your HR system determines how the delivery should take place. Delivery can take place by post to the individual employee or each company location/site.

By the way: A successive change of further employees to the HR portal is possible at any time.

Introducing digital payroll accounting is as simple as this

The advantage of the HR portal with the XimantiX “eBeleg Service – HR” is the automated onboarding process. As part of the project, this can be adapted to your requirements. By default, a PIN letter is sent when the system is introduced. Alternatively, this can also be initiated by the personnel accounting.

This letter contains all the necessary information about the system, for the first registration and access by your employees. The initial login to the HR portal indicates the employee’s consent to the release for digital HR document exchange. From now on, all HR documents for these employees will be transferred comfortably and securely through the portal.

If an employee desires to have the printed version sent by mail again, this change can be made at any time in the HR system’s personnel master data.

Immediately apparent: benefits for HR department and employees

See at a glance the key benefits for Human Resources and your employees of using secure dispatch to the HR portal.

Cost Savings

In doing so, you can not only deliver salary slips, but also additional HR documents, such as payroll tax documents or social security certificates, directly and efficiently.

Secure and GDPR compliant

The HR portal offers perfect security with two-factor authentication and the time-based code generator. This way, employees and personnel management are always on the safe side!

Of course, the transport of the data over the network is encrypted.

Recipient Acceptance

The perfect combination of security and fast communication with the HR department or accounting department form the basis for the broad and fast acceptance of the system.

Note: The option for haptic receipt printing remains available – even for individual cases!

However, employees are also becoming more and more interested in sustainable processes.

Ease of use

The electronic and confidential documents are sent directly from the HR system.

The monitoring of the shipping status is displayed directly in the HR system.

For recipients, the employee portal is available via the web browser, as an app or as a desktop client.

Would you like to learn more about the digital exchange of HR documents via the employee portal?

We have summarised additional information for you in a flyer based on the example of SAP HCM system integration.

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