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Digitally process and deliver salary statements, including attachments/enclosures, such as social insurance statements, time sheets, etc. electronically or in printed form by post

A number of documents need to be processed on monthly basis in personnel accounting. Owing to the sensitive nature of the data, printing, stuffing, franking and mailing often incur additional compliance costs due to the frequent need to apply the dual-control principle.

Regardless of whether all your statements are delivered by post in printed form, or whether some of your employee choose to receive payroll documents electronically in encrypted form by IncaMail, eBeleg Service – HR saves you time and money.

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Multichannel dispatch directly from the HR system

You get to optimise your personnel accounting processes by directly processing and monitoring them in your HR system and outsourcing the delivery to our service. The preferred delivery method is stored in the employee’s master data in your HR system. We offer standard interfaces for HR systems, SAP HCM and MS Dynamics 365 BC (Navision).

Simple, convenient and secure!

Save time and money sending your (digital) payroll accounting documents!

  • Send pay slips at the touch of a button
  • Direct HR system connection
  • Standard interfaces for SAP HCM and MS Dynamics 365 BC (Navision) guarantee short project run times
  • Elimination of hardware and maintenance costs
  • Multichannel dispatch – electronically or by post
  • Electronically as an encrypted attachment to the private e-mail
  • Optimised service incl. printing, stuffing, franking and mailing
  • Dispatch option: factory printing for parcel dispatch to your company sites

Our customers optimise the processing of paper-based documents or successively switch to the electronic dispatch of payroll documents. Our “eBeleg Service – HR” represents the perfect basis for offering your employees both delivery options at the same time. Also, the switch between printed document receipt by post and electronically is very simple. All you need to do is update the employee’s master data in your HR system.

Afterwards, you simply need to prepare the monthly statement as usual. Instead of printing it out on paper, the payslip is transferred over the XimantiX eBeleg Serviceto our print service provider, Swiss Post Solutions, in Dettingen, near Stuttgart. Your document is then printed, stuffed, franked and transferred to Deutsche Post for mailing. The ‘company site printing option’ alternatively allows the delivery to be sorted by department and delivered in parcel form to your company sites for internal distribution. You also receive an electronic copy with all the mailing information. The dispatch status can be viewed at any time in your HR system. You see: You can noticeably streamline your payroll processes.

Electronic dispatch to employees – Benefits

For electronic dispatch, we offer based on our experience the possibility of sending HR-documents by e-mail, so you get a simple handling for all parties involved with the security of a portal.

Electronic dispatch to employees by e-mail

Onboarding for digital e-mail dispatch of pay slips

Inform your employees during implementation and enter the private e-mail address in the employee record for electronic dispatch. This process is required for the secure, encrypted transmission of sensitive data. The information about the new service can also be printed and sent by mail as an attachment to the payroll.

Security with patented SAFE technology from Swiss Post Solutions

Once logged on to IncaMail, your employees receive HR documents securely as encrypted attachments. The data processing of highly sensitive data is always carried out in compliance with GDPR and without permanent storage.

Receive documents in your private e-mail

With the IncaMail service, employees receive all HR documents in their private e-mail.

Additional advantages of document printing in personnel accounting

  • Enclosures, such as annual tax statements, social security statements, time sheets, flyers, etc. can also be included in the mailing.
  • Varying adaptation to size format DIN A4
  • Attractive pricing models for dispatch and processing
  • Consolidation of multiple documents for one recipient address
  • Document printing by Swiss Post Solutions

Swiss Post Solutions (SPS) – Our partner for document printing and encrypted email dispatch

Swiss Post Solutions (SPS), Germany, is one of Europe’s largest providers of document output services. Operation of the state-of-the-art print centre with its closed loop printing process takes place in Dettingen, near Stuttgart. The highest certification standards (information security according to ISO 27001, PCI OSS) protect the contents of your sensitive document during production. Comprehensive data protection protects your customer data.

Your vision: Send pay slips directly from the HR system – securely and efficiently?

How do you send pay slips to your employees today? Do you still have to take manual steps that require both time and a four-eyes principle to comply with safety regulations?

Are you looking for a solution where, regardless of the recipient’s wishes, the pay slips and their attachments are always sent efficiently and securely directly from the HR system in digital form? With the eBeleg Service – HR you have the perfect solution at your disposal, which also takes into account parallel printed dispatch by post.


The perfect solution for the secure dispatch of payroll accounting!

With our handy checklist you can not only compare interesting solutions and services. Find out which solution provider is perfectly suited to your individual requirements for the optimised digitised dispatch of pay slips!

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Checklist: Compare Solution Providers – basic version (German only)

Is not sufficient? Be sure to get the detailed checklist!

Use our detailed checklist with all important questions and aspects to be considered when selecting the best solution provider. Practical, clear and with meaningful example data for your orientation!

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    What our customers say

    about XimantiX and “eBeleg Service – HR”

    “By using the eBeleg Service – HR for the dispatch of pay slips, we primarily save time. In addition to eliminating the need for manual printing and enveloping, the processes are considerably faster today”.

    Mr Wehberg – Group Manager Payroll Accounting – OTTO FUCHS … read the whole customer story

    “Switching to the eBeleg Service has led to a clear reduction in operating costs for us, combined with a sustained reduction in unit costs per mailing and no additional fixed costs. Another advantage for us is our ability to flexibly control the dispatch method ourselves, either conventional post or electronic mail. We can change it at any time without any additional work or costs.”

    Michael Lörzer, IT Project Manager at Avaya … read the whole customer story

    “Thanks to the flexible solution ‘eBeleg Service – HR’ and top project management by XimantiX and VISICON, we now send all payslips efficiently from SAP to the employees or via print for distribution to our 47 locations.”

    Mr Heckenberger – Vice-head of Personnel Accounting – Stiftung Liebenau … read the whole customer story

    “IncaMail has turned out to be a success. We are in the process of gradually increasing the proportion of employees who receive their salary documents by email, because it also pays off financially. With IncaMail, we will definitely be cheaper than before.”

    Michael Thomas – HR Manager – Meiller … read the whole customer story

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