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The Würth Elektronik success story

Sustainable handling through electronic document dispatch by XimantiX. Würth Elektronik successfully launches the eBeleg Service by XimantiX.

Starting point
Previously, Würth Elektronik only processed documents using conventional post. Following a cost comparison calculation and as a modern enterprise, it became clear that postal dispatch alone had become too expensive and that conversion to an electronic system of document dispatch needed to take place.

The objective of Würth Elektronik was to convert as many customers as possible to electronic document dispatch, so as to adapt to ongoing technical progress. Würth Elektronik also wanted to relieve their sales personnel so that they could concentrate on their actual sales work.

About Würth Elektronik Circuit Board Technology
Würth Elektronik is a leading European manufacturer of printed circuit boards and produces printed circuit board systems ranging from standard circuit boards to pioneering specialities. The company’s extensive PCB portfolio ranges from double-sided PCBs and multilayers in all current technologies to sophisticated PCBs as HDI or rigid-flex variants and in heatsink technology.

Since not all customers accept the electronic dispatch of documents, it was important to be able to introduce a hybrid system, i.e. that documents that can be sent both electronically and by conventional post. Since XimantiX offers precisely the dual system wanted, the decision was simple. What is more, XimantiX already had an integrated interface in place to the existing ERP system at Alphaplan.
A further advantage for Würth Elektronik was that the conversion to electronic documents could be handled in an environmentally sound and sustainable manner.

Mrs Sehfert, Project Manager, Würth Elektronik:
“XimantiX offered the best service for our needs. We already succeeded in saving 40% of our monthly invoice dispatch costs in the first few months. Although the terms of reference for the project appeared relatively difficult at the beginning, the great support provided by the XimantiX Support Team meant that it could be successfully implemented in the end. This confirms our decision that it was right to bring XimantiX on board.”