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The Vogel Communications Group digitises invoice dispatch direct from SAP Media

XimantiX caters for quick implementation and efficient operation

The digitisation of invoice dispatch direct from SAP Media is easy. The cloud solution from XimantiX allows several dispatch channels to be serviced in parallel: electronic invoice as well as printed invoice by post. The desired format and route is set quite simply for each invoice recipient in SAP. This allows the SAP user in the accounting department to adjust the configuration for the dispatch method at any time.

“The XimantiX ‘eBeleg Service’ is a perfect solution for SAP Media to digitise invoice dispatch. The fast and professional implementation for our invoice dispatch from SAP IS-M/AM convinced us. Today, our users are pleased with the efficient processes, which reduce a considerable amount of work and costs.”

Waldemar Franz – Head of Address and Contract Management – Vogel Business Media

The Vogel Communications Group has previously used a series of manual operations that were complex and time-consuming when sending invoices out for all types of advertising formats, such as PRINT, ONLINE and EVENTS.

Searching for a solution that facilitated easy integration with SAP IS-M/AM, the Vogel Communications Group found out about XimantiX. The focus in the foreground here was placed on ensuring a fast implementation.

The XimantiX “eBeleg Service – Ausgang“ represented a perfect solution that met all the company’s requirements. A visit to a reference customer who was already using this solution with SAP Media made the decision easy.

“We are very pleased that the Vogel Communications Group has decided to digitise its invoice dispatch from SAP IS-M/AM with the XimantiX “eBeleg Service – Ausgang”. Vogel is now another well-known publishing house to have successfully deployed a cloud solution.”

Reinhard Wild – Managing Director – XimantiX Software GmbH

Introduction of electronic invoice dispatch

XimantiX also assisted in addressing customers concerning the introduction of electronic invoicing in order to save on further costs. Customers can opt in flexibly at any time – at the beginning, when the solution is introduced, or at a later date – for the preferred method of invoice dispatch: electronic invoice dispatch or conventional paper invoices printed out and sent out by post.

“We informed our customers about the advantages of electronic invoice receipt, with the help of XimantiX. Shortly after the introduction of the new service, about 25% of our customers had already agreed to receive the invoices electronically.”

Waldemar Franz – Head of Address and Contract Management – Vogel Business Media

Invoice dispatch and monitoring directly in SAP IS-M/AM

Invoices are sent directly from SAP IS-M/AM. Monitoring is also integrated directly into SAP Media. Today, the specialist department works in a familiar environment and thanks to integrated monitoring can always maintain the overview.

“You notice no change at all! Today’s invoice dispatch processes are so smoothly and perfectly integrated!”

Waldemar Franz – Head of Address and Contract Management – Vogel Business Media

Fast implementation incl. SAP Media integration

The pre-integration of the eBeleg Service into SAP Media made a quick implementation possible. v XimantiX is the primary point of contact for the Vogel Communications Group concerning all topics, even when VISICON and SPS are involved as external partners respectively for SAP Integration and postal dispatch in printed form.

Vogel Communications Group plans further steps in the digitisation of invoice dispatch

In future, the Vogel Communications Group intends to link additional business units into the digital invoicing process. As part of the further optimisation of processes, Vogel is considering using additional features of the XimantiX “eBeleg Service – Ausgang“. These include the dispatch of attachments, enclosures, reminders and credit memos. Further time and cost savings are expected as a result.

About the Vogel Communications Group

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Waldemar Franz – Head of Address and Contract Management

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