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Stiftung Liebenau – Efficient dispatch of all payslips directly from SAP

Group-wide solution for efficient dispatch of payslips to all employees and locations directly from SAP

One single solution for everyone – modern, secure, fast!

“Thanks to the flexible solution ‘eBeleg Service – HR’ and top project management by XimantiX and VISICON, we now send all payslips efficiently from SAP to the employees or via print for distribution to our 47 locations.”

Mr Heckenberger – Vice-head of Personnel Accounting – Stiftung Liebenau

Previously, printing, sorting and enveloping of payroll accounting was carried out internally at the main site. Due to the infrastructure, the employees often received multiple envelopes. Processing took approx. 2 days.

The dispatch to the 47 locations was organised in large envelopes or parcels so that the invoices could be distributed locally to the approx. 6,500 employees.

A solution was required that would enable both secure electronic dispatch and continued printed dispatch by post. The integrated handling for shipping and monitoring directly in SAP HCM was an important requirement for the Liebenau Stiftung. The pre-sorted delivery to the many locations should also be continued in the future for all paper-based recipients.

After adapting the eBeleg Service – HR solution to the needs of the Liebenau Stiftung, which includes integrated presorting for the distribution of letters at the various locations, all payslips are now sent and monitored directly from SAP HCM. Employees can choose between the printed version with consolidation of all receipts per employee in an envelope or electronic delivery – confidential and encrypted as IncaMail to their private e-mail address.

The Group consists of 20 subsidiaries. Before implementing the solution XimantiX was very helpful to inform and convince all entities, works councils and employee representatives about the solution.

For further optimization, the increased use of electronic dispatch – secure, confidential and encrypted as IncaMail – is being pushed forward. The social group is hoping for a further reduction in the number of locations that now receive their payslips for internal distribution printed and presorted.

About Stiftung Liebenau

The Liebenau Stiftung empowers people in need of special support to achieve the greatest possible self-determination and participation in social life.

It is active in the fields of education, family, health, living space, care and participation. Their facilities, services and social area oriented activities see themselves as empowering self-help in a spirit of partnership. Thanks to its wide range of services, the Liebenau Stiftung provides an individual solution for every person.

Herr Heckenberger – Vice Head of Payroll Accounting

Stiftung Liebenau