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Reisswolf relies on efficient electronic invoice dispatch from MS Dynamics NAV/Navision

Future-oriented company network UMSEMA relies on eBeleg Service from XimantiX.

“The quick and easy implementation of the eBeleg Service and the constant availability of XimantiX during the project implementation period successfully led us to our goal. This allowed us to save on time and costs by introducing ‘eBeleg Service – Ausgang’.”

Mrs Mannert – Project Management at UMSEMA Umwelt Service Mannert GmbH

Starting point
At the UMSEMA Umwelt Service Mannert GmbH group, invoices have always been sent out on paper until now. As an innovative medium-sized family business, UMSEMA continually strives to optimise business processes in order to save on time and money. Specifically, printing the invoices, stuffing the envelopes and the postage resulted in considerable costs to date.

The objective was to reduce the amount of effort and costs involved in issuing invoices for the UMSEMA group. This could be achieved by generating invoices and documents directly from within the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system and dispatching them automatically. One mouse-click in the ERP system now suffices to trigger the dispatch of invoice documents. Since the customers of UMSEMA are mainly other businesses, it is mandatory that both electronic and paper invoices comply with legal regulations and requirements. Since it has not been possible to dispense with dispatching paper invoices entirely, printing and dispatch will now be outsourced at low cost.

The Solution
The UMSEMA group has found a quick and efficient solution with “eBeleg Service – Ausgang“ by XimantiX. Since XimantiX uses a Microsoft-certified interface to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system as standard, it was possible to quickly and easily integrate the eBeleg Service into UMSEMA’s ERP system.

The Printing Document option ensures that UMSEMA can send invoices electronically, even if the recipient still wants paper ones. This means that printing and processing the postal dispatch is handled in full by a print service provider contracted by XimantiX. Another advantage of this document printing service is the consolidating of multiple letters for a single recipient over a specific period of time, including the parallel dispatch of enclosures.

The companies Fischer Hohner, REISSWOLF, REISSWOLF Archive Service and Mobi Sanitärsysteme are unified under the umbrella of UMSEMA, Umwelt Service Mannert GmbH. Each company is active in the market offering specialised services in the field of waste management or administration and industry services.

Mrs Mannert – Project Management

UMSEMA Umwelt Service Mannert GmbH