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OTTO Fuchs – Payslips printed and distributed as in-house mail per site and electronically via IncaMail

One single solution for everyone – modern, secure, fast!

Optimised dispatch of payroll statements directly from SAP – with XimantiX and its cooperation partners – we provide a solution for everyone – modern, secure, fast!

“By using the eBeleg Service – HR for the dispatch of pay slips, we primarily save time. In addition to eliminating the need for manual printing and enveloping, the processes are considerably faster today”.

Mr Wehberg – Payroll group leader – OTTO FUCHS

In the past, payroll accounting was printed in-house, enveloped and prepared for distribution. This was a manual process that took 2-3 days or even longer, depending on the reliability of the machines.
Since January 2016, payroll statements have been sent directly from SAP HCM at the push of a button. Some of the employees already receive their payslips in a modern, secure and fast way as encrypted e-mail via IncaMail, a service from Swisspost Solutions (SPS). The remaining employees receive their payroll printed and internally distributed as in-house mail. OTTO Fuchs receives the printed and enveloped payslips, which are processed at the SPS printing centre in Dettingen near Stuttgart, as a parcel for each site and pre-sorted by department. By simple customising of the solution to our needs, we did not need to make any changes to our distribution process.
Regardless of whether the delivery is paper-based or by e-mail, we send attachments such as time statements for the previous month, annual reports, etc. directly from SAP.
After a quick decision by OTTO Fuchs for the eBeleg Service – HR from XimantiX, the implementation was carried out incl. specific customisation of the VISIPOST HR interface for SAP quickly and extremely reliably by XimantiX and its cooperation partners VISICON and Swisspost Solutions.

“For us, it was crucial that the solution covered both the delivery printed as a letter for distribution in-house per site, and modern, secure, fast, environmentally friendly dispatched by e-mail.”

Mrs Freund – IT / Organisation 07/25 at OTTO FUCHS

OTTO Fuchs plans to continue advertising the delivery via IncaMail, as this means further savings. The desired dispatch channel can be easily changed at any time for each employee in SAP. The way has been paved for the continued expansion of IncaMail recipients.


Otto Fuchs KG, founded in 1910, is a leading international non-ferrous metal company with its headquarter in Meinerzhagen. The business relations are worldwide, whereby the customers are in particular companies from the aerospace, automotive and construction industries, as well as mechanical and plant engineering.

Oliver Wehberg – Group Manager Payroll Accounting