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Meiller takes advantage of IncaMail

Secure shipping of sensitive data

What to do if the traditional way of distributing payslips reaches its limits? The F.X. Meiller Fahrzeug- und Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG redefined the process and optimised it with IncaMail.

“IncaMail has turned out to be a success. We are in the process of gradually increasing the proportion of employees who receive their salary documents by email, because it also pays off financially. With IncaMail, we will definitely be cheaper than before.”

Michael Thomas, Human Resources Manager, Meiller

Committed to pioneering spirit

Innovative strength, modern manufacturing processes and high quality make the Meiller brand stand out. For more than 160 years, the European market leader in tipper construction has been consistently pursuing its core values. The system manufacturer for the construction and waste disposal industry also demonstrates its innovative spirit when it comes to making internal administrative processes more efficient – for example in human resources. There, payslips are securely sent electronically via IncaMail. Up to now, it has been a typical workflow for medium-sized businesses: wage and salary data from the SAP HCM system were printed out at the company’s Munich headquarters. In the shielded area, up to two personnel officers monitored the printing process, ensured the smooth operation of the two endless printers and protected the sensitive information from prying eyes. The accounts were then checked, enveloped, sent by post to three German plants and personally distributed – as in the Munich headquarters. The labor-intensive and time-consuming process went well for a long time – until the printers broke down.

Easy decision for digitisation

Print inserting systems and on-demand printers were a viable replacement investment, but they were not a viable alternative for cost and privacy reasons. Even employee portals, kiosk systems or access terminals in protected rooms did not solve the problem of confidentiality. Encrypted e-mails were better suited to the HR manager’s goal: “It was important to me to have a clean, modern process in place”, emphasises Michael Thomas. “The switch to a purely digital solution, which also includes dispatch and distribution, was also our desired scenario for reasons of efficiency and cost.”

A solution that crosses borders

The HR manager was immediately convinced by two product advantages: firstly, the one-off registration for recipients is quick and easy as well as using IncaMail. On the other hand, the Swiss Post solution can be used across German borders. Furthermore, the integration of IncaMail into the XimantiX eBeleg Service – HR, which enables electronic dispatch directly from the ERP system, proved to be absolutely straightforward.

Fast, reliable, cost-saving

With IncaMail, sensitive data can be sent quickly and securely, verifiably and cost-effectively. Thanks to the patented encryption process, they are not stored anywhere. At the touch of a button, they are sent directly from SAP to the private e-mail mailboxes of currently 800 employees in the four German plants. This corresponds to an employee share of 30 percent, which is now to be successively increased. A roll-out to larger locations with good Internet access is planned for the medium term.

Highly promising secret-bearer

  • All-rounder: With IncaMail, all types of sensitive documents can be sent fast, easily and inexpensively – to any e-mail address.
  • Well protected: Private data is not stored – thanks to patented SAFE technology.
  • Undistorted: Sensitive data sent with IncaMail cannot be manipulated.
  • Verifiable: With IncaMail, sending and receiving sensitive e-mails can be verified at any time.
  • Ready for integration: Depending on requirements, IncaMail can be easily and immediately connected to existing IT and business solutions.
  • Acknowledged: The Federal Department of Finance recognises IncaMail as a secure delivery platform.

Beneficial for Meiller

  • Fast forward: IncaMail optimises the workflow and communication channels – and thus saves employees in payroll an enormous amount of time.
  • Efficient: After just three billing cycles, the cost reduction potential opened up by IncaMail compared to the classic letter was already apparent.
  • Employee-friendly: IncaMail does not require any training, as e-mail recipients use it as usual – from their standard e-mail client.
  • Accepted: IncaMail not only reduces the workload in human ressource accounting, it is also highly accepted by the employees. Right from the start, 30 percent of employees chose to receive electronic payslips securely.
  • Straightforward: The XimantiX ePayslip Service ‘eBeleg Service – HR’ at Meiller is directly connected to Swiss Post’s IncaMail platform without media disruption.
  • Convincing: According to Michael Thomas, Human Resources Manager at Meiller, the integration of IncaMail was one of the IT projects that really went off absolutely smoothly.