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Future-proof invoice dispatch directly from MS Dynamics 365 Business Central

GSB relies on flexible solution for all invoice recipients

Many companies are currently facing the challenge of finding a suitable solution for the resource-saving, simple and up-to-date dispatch of invoices and receipts. However, the demands are high. An efficient digitisation solution today should not only optimise the often cumbersome processes in the accounts receivable environment. It must also cover the required formats for the public sector – and be future-proof at the same time.

How did GSB deal with the challenge – and what experience did the specialist for environmentally sound disposal of industrial waste gain? You can read about this in the following “up-close” experience report.

Initial situation: “fake” e-invoices have become obsolete

In addition to postal dispatch, invoices at GSB were previously also sent by e-mail as simple PDF attachments. The issue is that the requirements for electronically transmitted invoice data have been increasing significantly for some time. And not only in B2B invoice exchange. The State also pays much more attention to the way in which invoices are issued and transmitted to the public authorities. For example, from November 2020, only “real” electronic invoices with structured data in an EN 16931-compliant format (e.g. XRechnung) will be accepted for invoicing to federal authorities.

At GSB too, it was time to start looking for a suitable, powerful and easy-to-integrate solution for electronic invoice processing.

The path to a future-proof solution for (digitised) invoice dispatch

GSB has been using the powerful ERP system MS Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly NAVISION or MS Dynamics NAV) for many years. For this reason, direct integration of the e-invoicing solution with the company’s own ERP system was particularly important to the company. For a good reason: After all, the well-known saying “Never change a running system!” applies especially to such process digitisation projects. Or to put it in other words: Only through smooth integration into existing ERP structures you can ensure real increases in efficiency.

Therefore it was obvious to ask our own ERP solution partner for MS Dynamics NAV, tegos GmbH from Rosenheim, to find a suitable solution for EU-compliant e-invoice dispatch. A good decision, because tegos had already made very positive experiences with the eInvoice solution of Ximantix Software GmbH from Munich in other customer projects.

EASY. SECURE. DIGITAL. – This is how it went on with the eBeleg Service at GSB

Not only the decision for the proven eInvoice Service – outboundfrom XimantiX, but also the following implementation phase went remarkably smoothly. In the course of a workshop, the technical framework parameters were initially set with tegos and XimantiX. Subsequently, the IT process experts from tegos and XimantiX started the actual implementation – and they did it so independently that no noticeable resources had to be allocated to it at GSB. Only a test document or a reviewing was needed from time to time.

The implementation took place on the basis of major project milestones. The first step was the integration with MS Dynamics 365 Business Central. The first data format to be connected for sending invoices was the German eInvoice standard ZUGFeRD 2.0, which is particularly popular in the private economy. This way, GSB was able to provide all private sector customers with electronic invoices at an early stage.

The next milestone is now the implementation for the XRechnung. This is because GSB has a number of customers from the public sector at both federal and state level. And even if the point of reception is different in most cases, all public authorities and institutions must offer the option of submitting electronic invoices in an EN 16931-compliant format such as XRechnung. So it seems logical that GSB has set itself the goal of using this efficient way in the future – even if the obligation is far from being everywhere.

Everything you need to know about the implementation of eInvoice at federal and state level can be found at any time on the XimantiX website under News in the article «What is XRechnung? »

“The project implementation was REALLY. EASY. And of course also SECURE. DIGITAL. The duo XimantiX and tegos acted as one unit. The result is a future-proof invoice dispatch solution for which we hardly had to invest any of our own resources.

We are very pleased. The system runs completely unnoticed in the background and works as we expected it to.

Heribert See, Head of IT, GSB – Sonderabfall-Entsorgung Bayern GmbH

About GSB

For over 50 years, GSB has been responsible in Bavaria for the environmentally sound disposal of industrial waste for industry, trade and municipalities. Safety and reliability in the daily handling of these substances have the highest priority.

Since the company was founded in 1970, GSB has safely disposed of more than 10 million tons of hazardous waste and permanently removed its pollutant potential from the material cycle.

Through modern technology, competent consulting services and individual disposal concepts, GSB continues to provide future-oriented disposal services today.

Mr. See
Head of IT – GSB – Sonderabfall-Entsorgung Bayern GmbH

About tegos

Our customers have been relying on us for 25 years now. How do we achieve this? We are people who work with passion, heart and soul: problem solvers, reliable contacts and trailblazers. But above all we are one thing: helpful colleagues.

As a medium-sized owner-managed IT company, we have already initiated the generation change and therefore do not work for investors but for our customers in the recycling and social economy sector. Our perspective is not the next quarter, but the satisfied user who will gladly recommend us to others.

Michael Liebermann
Managing Director – tegos gmbh