Referenzkunde - FROMM setzt auf rechtssicheren automatisierten Rechnungseingang - XimantiX

FROMM relies on legally compliant automated inbound invoice processing – from inbox to posting

Integrated solution for invoice receipt: everything from receipt and data extraction to data verification and account assignment, from factual and technical verification to approval workflow, ERP and posting

With their eInvoice Service – Inbound, XimantiX delivers an integrated solution for digitising invoice reception processing. It represents a perfect basis which is simultaneously adapted to customer-specific processes and systems.

“Today, we rely on automated invoice receipt processing and are glad to see how very well it is received by our users. The XimantiX solution is perfectly matched to our processes and systems. The digitisation of the invoice receipt process incl. approval workflow with integration into our accounting system right up to GoBD-compliant archiving in the cloud is now legally secure and efficient.”

Mr Koronna – Head of Finances – Druck- und Verlagshaus Fromm

In the past, the processing of incoming invoices was purely paper-based. The entire process, from receipt, to invoice verification, account assignment and transfer for posting, was manual.

Due to the GoBD-requirements, FROMM went out in search of a legally compliant solution for all incoming invoices. This idea was that it should optimally cover the entire process and include GoBD-compliant archiving. Special attention was also paid to user-friendliness in the selection.

With their eInvoice Service – Inbound, XimantiX now delivers the optimal cloud solution for the entire process. Paperbased incoming invoices are scanned by FROMM and transferred to XimantiX. Electronic invoices are automatically transmitted to XimantiX. The relevant data is extracted from the documents and verified based on the adaptive solution ‘smart INVOICE’. After system-side verification, which includes VAT compliance verification, employees at FROMM perform any post-processing required using a web application. Master data from the suppliers, which FROMM provides periodically, is used for an optimal readout result. Once the invoice data is available, technical and factual verification follows with the help of the Approval Workflow. All relevant documents – original invoice incl. relevant protocols – are automatically archived in the cloud in tax-compliant form.

Billing for the services takes place on a transaction-by-transaction basis according to the documents actually processed.

“The strong focus on service and the flexible implementation of our new requirements by XimantiX convinced us that we had made the right decision. We look forward to soon being able to digitise further processes with the support of XimantiX!”

Mr Koronna – Head of Finances – Druck- und Verlagshaus Fromm



Printing and publishing house Fromm has existed as a dynamic and innovative sheet-fed printing company in the centre of Osnabrück for more than 150 years now. The company is one of the co-founders of the newspaper “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung” and combines tradition and modernity.

Mr Koronna – Head of Finance

Druck- und Verlagshaus Fromm GmbH & Co. KG