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DBL relies on the dispatch of electronic invoices

In the first six months, almost 30% of invoice recipients already approved the receipt of electronic invoices, also known as eRechnung, and the trend continues to rise.

Until now, each on the members of the DBL network have handled the entire invoicing process for their predominantly medium-sized customers on their own, just using the conventional method of posting them as paper invoices. The growing number of invoices and the imminent replacement of some of the old stuffing and franking systems prompted the partners at DBL to both rethink and at the same time standardise the entire internal process .

By renewing the process, the aim was to introduce electronic invoicing. The challenge was to meet legal requirements, achieve high or steadily increasing acceptance among invoice recipients and continue to process remaining quantities using the conventional postal method.

In order to realise all these requirements, DBL decided to send their electronically signed invoices by email. The effort and risk of mapping the process in accordance with the law and the uncertain legal future concerning the handling of electronic invoices resulted in the idea of transferring the entire implementation to a specialised service provider. The requirements of the future service partner derived were:

  • Electronic invoice with signature and email dispatch
  • Printing and entire handling of the postal dispatch incl. consolidation of multiple invoices for the same recipient
  • Dispatch of complex enclosures/attachments with the invoices
  • Simple signature verification for the invoice recipient

Following a detailed market study, a decision was made in favour of XimantiX Software GmbH with its “eBeleg Service – Ausgang” and eRechnung, consisting of a pdf document and embedded data in XML format. Decisive for the project manager at DBL, Mr Skerjanc, were the many years of experience that XimantiX has in the field of electronic invoice exchange and their excellent price-performance ratio. A manageable initial investment also proved to be another advantage. Finally, DBL decided to sign up to the full range of services that XimantiX offers.

“Excellent contact with the Development department and very fast reaction times confirmed my decision in favour of XimantiX Software GmbH.”

DBL Project Manager, Mr Skerjanc

About DBL
DBL is a network of legally and commercially independent suppliers in the textile leasing industry founded in 1971. The network is made up of medium-sized, owner-managed family businesses. They offer the professional textile leasing of work wear and floor mats under the DBL umbrella at 23 locations throughout Germany. The agreements that DBL offers provide a standardised service under the umbrella of work wear and floor mat leasing. Regional proximity, personalised service and individual expertise are the most important features of the leasing textiles DBL offers nationwide.

Herr Skerjanc – Project Manager at DBL

DBL – Deutsche Berufskleider-Leasing GmbH