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Avaya successfully implements solutions via XimantiX

Complete processing of document dispatch by XimantiX

Avaya, a worldwide provider of communication systems, had been sending out its invoices and accounting documents by conventional post, without exception. This resulted in the need to cooperate with different print service providers. To benefit from the competitive advantage provided and supported by the wishes of their customers, Avaya has now made a gradual conversion to electronic document dispatch.

The main objectives of Avaya included the consideration of corporate objectives and the simultaneous consolidation of printing. In other words, different printing systems had to be consolidated to optimise the paper-based processes.

A single solution for all recipients. XimantiX ‘eBeleg Service – Ausgang‘ takes over the complete invoice and hr-document dispatch. Using multiple heterogeneous interfaces was to be replaced by one standard solution. Avaya wanted a timely solution for process optimisation and print consolidation. Some Avaya customers continued to ask for conventional paper-based documents. For this reason, it was important for Avaya to implement a system that was right for all recipients. The solution: XimantiX “eBeleg Service – Ausgang”. This dual system allows both electronic and postal dispatch over a programme platform. XimantiX also has a standardised interface for the existing ERP system from SAP. XimantiX offers a high-security dispatch option through the ‘eBeleg Service – HR‘ for confidential dispatch of payroll accounting documents.

A large share of the document volume of some 400,000 documents, with a total of around 800,000 pages, is made up of invoices, reminders and order confirmations. In future, the intention is to send them by email and read them directly into the corresponding recipient ERP system as structured data. All other documents sent by post are processed through the Print Document functionality of the eBeleg Service. The XimantiX solution offers the opportunity to consolidate multiple documents into one delivery. Avaya also receives a confirmation of successful processing inside the ERP system. XimantiX partner SwissPost Deutschland was selected to prepare and dispatch the documents.

Confidential documents are delivered via the IncaMail interface of the ‘eBeleg Service – HR’. IncaMail, a cooperation solution of SwissPost and XimantiX, caters for the secure and encrypted electronic delivery of salary statements and payslips. Employees can decide if they want to receive their statements as printed document by post or via the secure and confidential IncaMail solution by SwissPost. All you need to do to receive password-protected and encrypted confidential documents directly in your email in-box is to register once by providing your personal email address. Paper-based payroll documents are printed and sent by the ISO 27001-certified print centre of SwissPost Deutschland.

XimantiX partner VISICON provides the Visipost interface to SAP R3 and SAP HCM. VISIPost for SAP is integrated into the Avaya SAP environment based on established standards. This ensures the process-optimised delivery of electronic documents based on a standardised interface. The integrated Document Printing function allows recipients who still insist on receiving paper documents to receive invoices and other documents by conventional mail.

“Switching to the eBeleg Service has led to a clear reduction in operating costs for us, combined with a sustained reduction in unit costs per mailing and no additional fixed costs. Another advantage for us is our ability to flexibly control the dispatch method ourselves, either conventional post or electronic mail. We can change it at any time without any additional work or costs.”

Michael Lörzer, IT Project Manager at Avaya